Risk Dashboard

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Our self-led audits allow organisations to assess their current health and safety performance using the Risk Dashboard – a software especially designed by us to identify points of weakness within an business.

The software also allows users to request support from our experts with any areas that require improvement.

Offer Risk Dashboard to your clients

Risk Dashboard is available for use by partners who want to offer the software to their own clients as part of their service. The system can be useful for accountants, insurance brokers and other organisations with multiple clients to help them improve their health and safety processes.

Prices start from £3 per user, making it a constructive and cost-effective addition to your service offering.

Risk Dashboard Features

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Easy Implementation

The Risk Dashboard has been developed for greater adaptability and flexibility, eliminating the need for investment in costly infrastructure.
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Integrated Systems

All systems and data are integrated into the Risk Dashboard for unprecedented control and improved efficiency.
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Ensure Business Compliance

Manage all your compliance risk with current and future regulations through the Risk dashboard software with a provable, digital audit history.