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The route to CMIOSH

There are generally three ways to achieve chartered status (CMIOSH).

As set out below, they all have advantages and disadvantages, depending on your circumstances:

NEBOSH Diploma

This is a classroom based course which takes place over several weeks.


  • Can be done quite quickly
  • Good for people who like classroom learning
  • Cheaper than a degree
  • You don’t need to be in a Health and Safety role


  • The more expensive option
  • If you don’t like exams, this route is not for you!

Undergraduate Degree

An undergraduate degree requires three years of University study.


  • Very thorough
  • In-depth knowledge of subject
  • Good for people who like classroom learning
  • You don’t need to be in a Health and Safety role


  • Very expensive (£9,000 per year)
  • Not good for people who don’t like exams
  • Takes a long time

Working as an Independent Health and Safety Advisor

What is OSHCR and why is it important?

The Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR) was set up after a Government report in 2010 recommended that all safety consultants should be on a register. As such, the OSHCR allows businesses to be certain that registered independent advisors have reached high and professional standards of competence.

What are the requirements for OSHCR registration?

Registration is renewed annually and requires specific membership in any one of a range of professional bodies.

How do I become OSHCR registered?

The most common route to registration for health and safety professionals is as follows:

  • NEBOSH General Certificate (or similar) which allows application for Tech IOSH
  • NVQ 6 Diploma or NEBOSH Diploma which allows applications for Chartered Member
  • With appropriate experience, application can be made for CMIOSH
  • Then you would be allowed to be on the register

We can guide you on your path to your CMIOSH registration. If you would like further information then contact us to speak with our CMIOSH-qualified advisors.

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