Safety software for larger organisations

How T100 Health & Safety software supports larger organisations to improve safety processes.

Scalable and flexible software solutions

In today’s ever-evolving and fast-paced business world, large organisations require scalable and flexible solutions. Our SaaS software provides a secure, robust, and user-friendly system, specifically designed for large enterprises.

Our safety software reduces IT costs, boosts collaboration and integrates smoothly to enhance productivity and streamline operations. With real-time data analytics, it supports smart decision-making and gives you the competitive advantage. Embrace innovation and set yourself up for success with our advanced SaaS solution.

How we can support larger organisations

Our goal here at BSS is long term happy customers that feel they are supported along the journey. Here’s how we work with larger organisations to make the implementation process as smooth as possible.

A Step in Approach

We understand that adapting your organisation’s way of working and adopting new systems can be a daunting challenge. First, let us assure you that we have supported organisations through this process countless times before  and whilst we understand your reservations, it doesn’t have to be that painful.

We have found that small steps, one feature at a time and recruiting key users and ambassadors is definitely the way to achieve a successful implementation.

Baby Steps – only pay for what you use

Typically, this means starting in one location with basic features to a select group and then widening these features as you get comfortable with the workflow. We then get more users in more locations as you become more comfortable.

Finally all the features you are happy with will be implemented and you can add new features, or build your own as you go. The great thing is, you only pay for what you are using, so whilst there is an implementation fee, this is offset by not paying for features you are not ready to use yet.

Options for Larger Outfits

Our system hosted on you own infrastructure or cloud service

If you have exceptionally high security requirements or need to query databases directly, we can install DLLs on your infrastructure. Even if you are using one of our Azure hosts, you can be on segregated infrastructure, segregated databases or on your own instance of the system so that we can provide a more bespoke solution.

Additions and changes to our current feature set

Larger organisation often have novel risks and workflows and whilst our system is very versatile, we often build bespoke features for our clients. This can be something as simple as changing language and labelling, to changing the way risk assessments are undertaken.

Bespoke E-learning

AI systems have made building courses much easier than ever before. It may now take hours rather than weeks to build courses, depending on the content. We can move your current course catalogue into our learning management system, you can add more or we can build bespoke new courses for you.

Your own developers

For very large organisations that wish to develop their own software in addition to the services we provide, an OEM version is available and we can training your developers to write your own code for the platform.

Bespoke APIs

Benefit from tailored access to bespoke APIs, designed to complement and elevate your existing system architecture seamlessly.

Fully engaging employees

We know that risk across your operation is drastically reduced when every person in you organisation is engaged. For this, each of your employees and colleagues can have access to our mobile app to report any minor issue before it becomes an incident.

Bespoke reports

Whether this is plugging in GPT models, other LLMs, sending specific reports at specific times to key stakeholders, or simply creating novel reports, our developers will set up whatever you need.

Thinking about building your own system?

AI is starting to make it easier to build your own software and we understand that this may be an attractive option. Currently, the AI code systems can cut down on development time but building a system from scratch is a huge undertaking… we know. We can guarantee that for the foreseeable future we will be the cheaper option unless you have large in-house development and infrastructure team with a lot of available time.

Requirements to consider…

Internal Using BSS SaaS Support
Business Analysis 3 months + Fees Included
Software Build 1 Year + Developer Fees Included
Infrastructure Hosting Min £500 Per Month Included
Updates Developer Fees Included
New Features Developer Fees As required
Scalability Limited Included
Professional Support Support Cost Included
Compliance Time and Fees Included
Proven Reliability None Included
Integration (APIs) Developer Fees Included
Mobile Apps Software Rewrites x 2 Included

We guarantee we are the more cost-effective option!