Choose from more than 75 e-learning courses covering safety, HR and business protection

Transform your training provision with our smart e-learning platform.

Enhance your team’s skills across safety, HR and business protection with our flexible e-learning platform, which allows you to easily monitor progress and ensure that essential training reaches all individuals who require it.

Explore more than 75 pre-existing courses or receive assistance in developing personalised courses. Additionally, our learning management system enables you to track external training accomplishments and create comprehensive course packages for seamless onboarding experiences.

Course library covering more than 75 topics

Build a complete record of your team’s training history 

Notifications when training is out of date and needs to be retaken

Combine courses together to create bundles for inductions or for specific job roles

All courses are accredited with RoSPA, CPD and/or iiRSM

Users can conveniently complete courses at their own pace, using any device they prefer

Receive certificates that can be printed to celebrate successes

Integrates with T100 HR and safety software modules

E-Learning Courses

Our courses are all certified by either RoSPA, CPD or IIRSM and their logo will appear on the certificates.


Ways to use T100 E-Learning

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Extensive course library

Explore our diverse selection of courses, which encompass a wide range of topics such as COSHH (Hazardous Substances), DSE, Electricity Awareness, Anti-Bribery Awareness, Fire Safety, First Aid, Contractor Management, Lone Working, Manual Handling, Equality and Diversity, Risk Assessments, Working at Height, and many more.

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Bespoke courses

Customise our ready-made courses to meet your requirements. Adapt the course questions, scoring system, pass rates, and more to your liking.

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Create your own courses

Customise your learning experience with our full course creation service, which includes developing video content and questions tailored to your needs. Or, build your own courses using your own media content and host them on our learning management system.

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What is a learning management system (LMS)?

Our e-learning management system (LMS) is a software application created to streamline the management, delivery, and monitoring of online learning programs and courses. It serves as a central hub for organising educational content, tracking student progress, and evaluating learning outcomes.

Key features and functionalities commonly found in e-learning management systems include:

  1. Course management: LMS empowers administrators and instructors to effortlessly develop and arrange courses, encompassing content structuring, assignment and quiz incorporation, as well as multimedia elements.
  2. User management: this allows administrators to effectively manage user accounts, providing them with the ability to handle tasks such as student enrolment, granting instructor privileges, and ensuring user authentication.
  3. Content management: our LMS offers features for uploading, storing, and organising different kinds of learning materials, including documents, slideshows, videos, and interactive modules.
  4. Assessment: our LMS empowers trainers to design quizzes, assignments, and assessments, monitor student progress, and streamline scoring procedures.
  5. Reporting and analytics: This feature enables the tracking of learner performance, generating progress reports, and gaining valuable insights into the effectiveness of the course.
  6. Responsive across all devices: our LMS platform was created with mobile compatibility in mind, allowing students to conveniently access course content and participate in educational tasks through their smartphones and tablets.

Explore our custom LMS solution designed for organisations to effectively track their training programs. Learn more about it here. 

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