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Technology is often marketed in a way which allows users to visualise how a product can be used, and how it fits into various lifestyles. This is particularly popular with mobile phones and smart home system advertising, and while these products are designed to make everyday tasks like grocery shopping easier, so too can technology systems improve professional work and study processes, particularly in Health and Safety.

Introducing the T100 Mini

Our T100 health and safety risk manager is a cloud-based software which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, and for the first time in years we’re bringing back a limited subscription model for our NVQ 5 and 6 candidates. The T100 Mini is an optional six month subscription which will act as a hub for course portfolios and allow for smooth professional development without the full cost of T100.

Making Your NVQ Easy

The T100 mini version is designed to include everything needed for the portfolio of evidence required to pass an NVQ 5 or 6; getting you on track to CMIOSH certification.

Stay organised and cut down on admin by setting yourself task reminders and using a variety of ready-made checklists. Log any incidents or accidents, and track trends in the reporting centre. Make use of our risk assessments, safety policies, and staff handbooks which are all required portions of NVQ mandatory units.

Supporting You

Not only will subscription for T100 mini give you a powerful tool for taking charge of your coursework, it will also provide valuable experience using a Health and Management System that is favoured by our CMIOSH certified consultants, and a network of professional businesses across the UK.

Further, documenting all your work through a management system will allow your accessor to view your activities within T100, and allow them to better view your progress and support you with any specific queries you may have.

Beyond Professional Development

While T100 will assist you during the NVQ 5 and 6, it can also be further upgraded as the health and safety culture at your workplace grows, or you find a need more functionality and additional users. Safety software solutions are great for cutting back on timely administrative tasks in addition to health and safety specific responsibilities, but there may come a point when you want to delegate or share some of the work with your colleagues. If you find yourself needing more functionality, or multiple user accounts, please contact us for an upgrade to full subscription.

For more information, or help registering for an NVQ, please visit our NVQ Training page.